This journey is not temporary..

For there is no part of grief that is temporary, it will not end, it does not fade away. It comes and goes in waves but there will never come a day that the waves just disappear from our life forever. The one we loved has but the pain that follows such sudden tragedy is certainly just that, it is forever. This blog follows my nightmare, the journey I am on as a daughter who so suddenly and randomly watched my mother die before my eyes. I search for a place that allows the flashbacks that I live through like some medical tv drama to be put into words because as life goes on without her i realize how much there is to be said about that day, that life which was taken, that moment I can never unsee and the images I will never forget.

I am a poet and daughter truly trying to find my place in the world without my best friend. In hopes the trauma can make sense once it’s out of my head and finally depicted in some form of art. Praying that making art of this pain will bring peace somehow.